How to DIY a Headliner Replacement by Danny’s Upholstery in Virginia Beach

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We stock headliner materials and upholstery fabrics; we also have Headliner Replacement Kit Specials for the DIYer. Danny’s Upholstery is a full service upholstery shop for your auto, home, office, business, and marine. We have been serving the Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Hampton Roads area for over 30 years. Danny’s offers free estimates, call us at 363.5889.

Do It Yourself (DIY) How to Guide, Headliner Replacement for your Auto.

Step One: Remove Headliner Molding
Danny’s Upholstery Tip: Remember to keep all parts to reinstall.

Step Two: Remove Both Sun Visors.
Danny’s Upholstery Tip: We reupholster sun visors, ask Danny.

Step Three: Remove any overhead lights and consoles.
Danny’s Upholstery Tip: Remember to keep parts, be careful so you don’t break pieces.

Step Four: Pull Headliner Board out the front passenger door.
Danny’s Upholstery Tip: Fully recline front seats to help ease headliner board out of the vehicle. SUVs/Vans can go out back door.

Step Five: Do not fold or break headliner board.
Danny’s Upholstery Tip: Danny can replace headliner for you; call today for free estimate and same day installation.

Step Six: Pull off old material on headliner board.
Danny’s Upholstery Tip:  We have a wide selection of headliner materials in stock.

Step Seven: Clean and sand old residue off the headliner board. Be careful not to gouge.
Danny’s Upholstery Tip: We suggest vacuuming or blowing the headliner board clean to help achieve a smooth finish.

Step Eight: Lay full headliner fabric across entire headliner board.
Danny’s Upholstery Tip: Most vehicles need 2 yards of headliner fabric and we stock headliner material.

Step Nine: Fold headliner material in half.
Danny’s Upholstery Tip: Remember to work in sections, not sure on this step, bring your headliner board to Danny’s. We have the material in stock and will glue it on for you, call today for prices, 757.363.5889.

Step Ten:   Spray folded half with contact adhesive, spray headliner board as well. Spray heavy and evenly coat.
Danny’s Upholstery Tip: We do not recommend spray adhesive as it is known not to stick in high heat. Danny’s will glue it for you, call today for price on our Headliner Replacement Kit Special with purchase of headliner material.

Step Eleven: Gently smooth material to headliner board. Be careful material doesn’t stick together, and watch for creases.
Danny’s Upholstery Tip: This contact adhesive sets and dries quickly.

Step Twelve: Repeat the process to the other side of the headliner board.
Danny’s Upholstery Tip: You don’t want to rub/smooth too hard, if you don’t spray the glue evenly it could bleed through the material.

Step Thirteen: Cut out holes for sun visors, lights, etc. Fold material over outside edges.
Danny’s Upholstery Tip: A little overwhelmed? Ask Danny, he can help. 363.5889

Step Fourteen: Replace headliner back into the auto.
Danny’s Upholstery Tip: Don’t forget to use the same door as before. We do sun visors, call Danny for a price.

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Danny's Upholstery is located in Virginia Beach and is Your One Stop Upholstery Shop for your auto, home, office, marine and business. Owned and operated by master craftsman, Danny White, who has over 30 years experience meeting the upholstery needs for the Hampton Roads community.
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